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The Peterson Institute for International Relations (USA) and the School of Public Policy at The Central European University (Hungary) organised a conference on Transition in perspective: 25 years after the fall of communism in Budapest on May 6-7 2014. The conference was attended by Leszek Balcerowicz, Václav Klaus, Anatoly Chubais, and many other well-known economic policy-makers and academic economists of the postsocialist transition period. The keynote lecture on "Threatening dangers" delivered at the dinner of the conference was held by János Kornai.

Read the original text of the lecture here, or the Hungarian translation here. (The latter was published in Élet és Irodalom on May 23, 2014.)

Read the conference news of the Peterson Institute here.

Read the introduction to the conference on the site of the School of Public Policy at the CEU here.

Read the report by Anders Aslund, chief organiser of the conference here.

Financial Times Chinese published the article in Chinese on July 3, 2014. Read it here or here.

Gazeta Wyborcza published the article in Polish on August 15, 2014. Read it here or here.

The Vietnamese translation is available here.