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"The importance of János Kornai’s research for understanding

the changing role of the state in the economy"

International conference and related events

Corvinus University of Budapest, February 20-22, 2018


Conference website

Conference program (or here)


Talks and related materials

-- Philippe Aghion (Collège de France): Rethinking Growth after Janos Kornai -- text, slides

-- Geoffrey Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire): Mythical markets -- text, slides

-- János Kornai's closing remarks -- in English, video (or here); the talk in Hungarian: Közgazdasági Szemle or here,

-- Eric Maskin (Nobel Laureate, Harvard University): The soft-budget constraint: A theoretical review

-- Yingyi Qian (Tsinghua University): Surplus, innovation and the system

-- Jinglian Wu: Speech in honor of János Kornai -- transcript (the original recording is available from the editor of this site, upon request)


Related events

On February 20, Adam Michnik (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland) and János Kis (CEU, Hungary) held a roundtable discussion on "Transition and U-turn in Central-Europe," led by András Mink (OSA Archive).


Photos, videos

-- Adam Michnik and János Kornai greeting each other

-- János Kis and János Kornai greeting each other

-- János Kornai and Eric Maskin

-- Miklós Rosta and Attila Chikán (in the background: Geoffrey Hodgson)

-- Closing remarks by János Kornai: transcript, video

-- János Kornai and Ferenc Kőszeg

-- David Daokui Li, Chenggang Xu, Yiyiang Wang, Eric Maskin, János Kornai, Yingyi Qian and Chong-en Bai