CEU DI-Corvinus-Harvard Symposium: János Kornai’s Holistic Political Economy

Rationale and Objectives

János Kornai (1928-2021), a towering figure in political economy, lived through the horrors and triumphs of the long 20th century, which inspired his deeply held belief in the causes of freedom and human rights, as well as the system aspiring to ensure these – the combination of liberal democracy and market economy. His interdisciplinary approach to social sciences, the system paradigm, have influenced economists, political scientists, and sociologists alike.

Central European University Democracy Institute, Corvinus University of Budapest, and Harvard University – three institutions, which had developed strong intellectual and emotional bonds with Kornai – jointly organize the symposium, which aims to revisit some of the highlights of his oeuvre to find methodological guidance to address complex, real-world problems of our turbulent times and to continue Kornai’s intellectual legacy.

The conference aims to lay the foundation of a future János Kornai Research Institute by bringing together various generations of scholars, who have been influenced by his work.

The symposium was held in Budapest May 15-16 2023 (hybrid format). The presentations were recorded, and will be made accessible from this website by the end of June.

For the proceedings, full papers will be due by August 31 2023. Acta Oeconomica has published a special issue based on the materials presented at the meeting -- the size and format are going to be the same as that of the special issue published on the occasion of Janos Kornai's 90th birthday. Since the papers for the special issue will be refreed in accordance with the regular AO process, this call is open to non-participants as well.

The overall size of an AO article is 20-22 pages, including all tables, graphs, and references. Please use Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 spaces between the lines (50k characters without tables and graphs). If you have graphs, please keep them limited to black-and-white colors and convert them into JPG format. The manuscript should start with an Abstract, keywords and JEL code, the author(s) affiliation, and e-mail. References should be in line with our journal's formatting rules.

Organizers: László Bruszt (CEU)

Attila Chikán (Corvinus)

László Csaba (CEU)

Dóra Győrffy (Corvinus)

Mihály Laki (KRTK)

Péter Mihályi (Corvinus)

Dóra Piroska (CEU)

Miklós Rosta (Corvinus)

Előd Takáts (Corvinus)


May 15 Monday morning 9:00-12:30 Corvinus University (Area chair: Péter Mihályi)

Lunch break 12:30-2:00

May 15 Monday afternoon 2:00-5:30 Corvinus University (Area chair: Attila Chikán)

May 16 Tuesday morning 9:00-12:10 CEU Democracy Institute (Area chair: Mihály Laki)

Lunch break 12:10-2:00

May 16 Tuesday afternoon 2:00-5:10 CEU Democracy Institute (Area chair: László Csaba)