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1 International workshop, Corvinus University of Budapest, January 18, 2018

Workshop website

Our page on the workshop: program, photos, papers


2 International conference, Corvinus University of Budapest, February 21-22, 2018

Conference website

Our page on the conference: program, photos, papers, related events

János Kornai's closing remarks: transcript in English, in Hungarian, video


3 'Kornai 90' Exhibition, the library of Corvinus University of Budapest

Our page on the exhibition: opening, photos, video

(Open: January 18 - May 22, 2018)


4 Birthday celebration for Kornai's friends, Institute of Economics (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), January 29. 2018

Organized by the Institute of Economics (HAS), CEU, former staff of Collegium Budapest

Our page on the occasion: photos, video, speeches


5 Colleagues at Harvard University celebrate Kornai, January 19, 2018

Our page on the occasion: video, speeches, Kornai's message


6 Special issue of Acta Oeconomica

Issue webpage

Our page on the issue: contents, papers


7 Special issue of Köz-gazdaság (in Hungarian)

Issue website

Our page on the issue: contents, papers, articles (in Hungarian)


8 Talk by Julian Gewirtz (Harvard University): "János Kornai’s influence on the transformation of Chinese economy", Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem, June 5, 2018

Webpage of the talk


9 The oeuvre of János Kornai, course at Corvinus University of Budapest, Fall 2018

The course is in Hungarian, with invited lecturers

Course website

Course description on our page (in Hungarian)


10. Talk by Bernard Chavance (Diderot University, Paris): "Janos Kornai’s comparative theory of socialism and capitalism: A discussion", Corvinus University of Budapest, November 29, 2018.

The slides of the talk are available here.

Professor Chavance's website is here.


11 Articles published on the occasion of Kornai's 90th birthday

-- Csaba, László: Comparative economics and the mainstream (Economics and Business Review, Poznan University, 2017); also in Hungarian: Az intézményi gazdaságtan és a főáram (Közgazdasági Szemle,January 2018) or here

-- Zoltán Farkas on the January events -- in Hungarian (HVG, January 21, 2018) or here

-- Iván Szelényi-interview -- in Hungarian (168 óra, Február 26, 2018) or here

-- Éva Várhegyi: Kornai János 90 éves ('János Kornai is 90', in Hungarian -- Élet és Irodalom, January 19, 2018) or here

-- Róbert Friss: Kornai János Nobel-díjas élete ('János Kornai's Nobel Prize life', in Hungarain -- Népszava, January 20, 2018) or here

-- February 2018 issue of Közgazdász-magazine -- in Hungarian (title page, articles by Bence Bogatin, Fanni Kelemen and Balázs)

-- Ádám Kerényi: "Kornai-láz" a Közgázon ('Kornai-fever at Corvinus', an account of the January-February 2018 events, in Hungarian.