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János Kornai's two recent articles, 'Centralization and the capitalist market economy' (originally in Népszabadság, January 28, 2012) and 'Taking stock' (originally also in Népszabadság, January 6, 2011) have been republished in English at several places, and have been reviewed here:
--'Hungary's democratic crisis' by David Stark at The Monkey Cage, February 13, 2012
-- 'Kornai János az Orbán-rendszer központosító törekvéseiről' at Galamus, February 13, 2012
-- 'János Kornai on centralization and decentralization I-II.' by Éva S Balogh at the Hungarian Spectrum, January 30, 2012
-- 'Orbáns gefährlicher Weg' by Wolf Lepenies, a leading article in Die Welt, February 8, 2012; you can read it also in Hungarian
-- 'Kornai János írása a Népszabadságban: Számvetés' at Galamus, January 6, 2011


Reviews on János Kornai's memoir By Force of Thought are available here.
From among the numerous reviews let us draw your attention to a few particularly remarkable ones, recently received from China (by Suli Liu - Yuegang Lu), Russia (by Dmitri Travin, in Russian) and India (by Deena Khatkhate, commented by Chattopadhyay).


John P. Bonin (2009): From Socialism to Capitalism: Eight Essays. By János Kornai. Journal of Economic Literature 47/3: 853-856. Read it here.


Reference to the Soft Budget Constraint in the article by Willem Buiter (LSE), published in his widely read  blog at ft.com/maverecon associated with the Financial Times: http://blogs.ft.com/maverecon/2009/10/after-subverting-bank-insolvency-our-leaders-are-now-about-to-make-a-mess-of-liquidity